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COVID 19 Pandemic Visiting Policy


The aim of this policy, all other associated documents and risk assessments is to:

  • Ensure the safety of our family, their relatives, our team, any other visiting professionals, and contractors.
  • Ensure the risk of infection and cross transmission is minimised. 
  • Ensure that the mental health and wellbeing of those who live with us is supported.

Safety and Mitigating Risks

We will follow guidance from the Government, Public Health England, and the Warwickshire Local Authority.

Welcoming anyone into the home from the community inevitably brings a risk of COVID 19 transmission. The following measures should be followed to help to reduce this risk:

LFD Testing

  • Testing is one of the ways we can reduce the risk of transmission whilst visiting inside the home, however this does not mean there is no longer a risk. (please refer to our COVID 19 testing policy and procedure)

COVID- 19 Vaccinations

  • It is not a condition that staff, visitors, and residents must have a vaccination, however it is strongly recommended that all visitors and residents take up the opportunity to be vaccinated when they are invited to do so.

Infection control 

  • All staff are trained in infection prevention and control. All staff will support visitors to follow current visiting guidance in line with the infection control policy of the home. (please refer to out infection control policy and procedures)
  • Posters are displayed around the home to support handwashing and the safe use of PPE.

Social Distancing

  • Visitors should have no contact with any other resident and minimal contact with our staff. (less than 15 minutes and 2 meters apart)
  • Visitors and residents should keep physical contact to a minimum, may wish to hold hands but they should bear in mind that any contact increases the risk of transmission. There should not be close physical contact such as hugging.

Risk assessment

  • We will produce and regularly review a dynamic risk assessment to facilitate safe visiting which will be shared with all visitors and staff.
  • All residents will have an individual visiting risk assessment and where able, to choose who they want to visit them, when and how they wish the visit to happen. If it is proven that any resident does not have the capacity to understand any aspect of this visiting policy, we will follow the principles of the Mental Capacity Act 2005 to support safe visiting.


  • All gifts brought on the day of a visit need to be easily wipeable such as a box of chocolates. These should be cleaned with wipes provided by the home before being taken into the home.
  • If you are buying for example clothing, please place into a bag with the resident’s name and leave with a member of staff before you enter the residents building. 

In the event of an outbreak

  • In the event of an outbreak all visiting will stop except in exceptional circumstances such as end of life.
  • The restrictions will continue until the outbreak is over which will be at least 28 days after the last confirmed case.

We will have no alternative but to revoke visiting rights if any of the above current guidance is not followed. This is for everybody’s safety. 

Visiting Hours

Visiting hours will vary depending on type of visit.  Each visitor will be encouraged to book one visit a week, ensuring it is fair for all relatives/friends of all residents to visit. 

For any type of visit the following will apply: 

  • All visits must be pre-booked and have visit time approved by the manager.
  • Any visitor who feels unwell should not attend the visit. 
  • Any visitor who has been ill or in direct contact with someone who has been ill in the last 10 days should not visit. 
  • Any visitor who is unable to attend should let the home know a minimum of 1 hour prior to the visit. 

On arrival of the visit 

  • Visitors must use the hand sanitiser provided by the front door and then ring the front doorbell. 
  • Visitors should not arrive early for their visit unless it is an in-home visit in which case you should at least 30-45 minutes before your agreed visiting time.  
  • Further guidance will then be given relating to the type of visit the visitor has booked.

During the visit

  • The resident will be supported to meet their visitor by a member of staff member (if required the staff member will be present during the visit) 
  • The visitor must always wear their mask during the visit and additional PPE as required.

Whilst wearing a mask it might be worth bearing in mind the following: 

  • Speak louder and clearer.
  • Be aware of the tone of your voice.
  • Write information down if your relative/friend can read.
  • Use gestures.
  • Maintain eye contact.
  • Wear familiar clothing.
  • Style your hair in a familiar way.

What Types of Visiting can we Facilitate?

We have several options available for visiting and they have been designed to meet the needs of those we support as well as the wishes of those wanting to visit. 

  • Virtual Visiting 
  • Window Visits 
  • Visiting Lounge
  • In Home Visiting
  • Garden Visits 
  • EOL Visits


Last updated: 16.03.2021