Read our Covid-19 Statement

Covid-19 Statement

COVID -19 Statement updated 13/11/20

Our priorities remain unchanged with the aim to provide a safe environment for our residents, staff and visitors.


All visiting will continue to be made by appointment. This enables family and friends to enjoy a managed visit whilst still respecting the government guidelines.

There may need to be a change to our visiting policy, if the COVID19 situation changes locally, but this will be communicated as soon as possible.

We are continuing to facilitate outdoor, window and virtual visits via WhatsApp.

New changes

We have now opened our indoor visiting lounge. For safety this consists of –

  • Separate visitors’ entrance.
  • 2 lounges with a large window between – to enhance the visiting experience.
  • Intercom system. 

Our lounges not only provide safety but will also promote the well-being of everyone.



The work to extend the Wi-Fi network to cover the entire Nursing Home is almost complete and should be ready on 20/11/20. This will greatly improve the quality of the virtual visits/calls. 

COVID-19 testing – Staff and residents continue to be tested on a weekly and 28-day basis respectively.

Finally – if you have any specific questions on how we are dealing with COVID-19, or you would simply like to have a chat and receive some reassurance, then please do not hesitate to telephone me on 01788 832589 or by email to